LIVE: You Me At Six – 11/03/10 – O2 Academy, Sheffield

We The Kings were the first band to grace the stage and from America they certainly gave the crowd teen pop rock that wouldn’t be so odd if it was played on an episode of The Hills. Saying that, they had great energy and their interaction with the crowd was excellent – instantly getting the crowd jumping and singing along from the get go. Their songs had very catchy chorus lines that all the kids seemed to pick up very easily which I’m sure did them a lot of favors and made them new fans.

Within a few minutes after We The Kings had finished the backdrop had been pulled down to reveal the next band on the bill.

Forever The Sickets Kids are most likely one of those marmite bands either you will love them or hate them. From listening to the albums they have previously released I was expecting a lot from this band because their music is so polished on record. They started off and instantly they had something missing and all I could put it down to was lack of tightness. This band make very high energy pop punk with a lot of synth and drum overlaps. When playing live they just can’t seem to capture what they have put onto CD. They have good stage presence though and seem to win the crowd over with the way they jump around on stage, which at any other show that is 18+ that wouldn’t quite cut it.

Now for the headliners You Me At Six. This band have taken the UK by storm over the past few years and they have certainly showed that they have the fans to back them up at this show. Straight away the band are met with the loudest screams from all the teenage fans as they rip straight into “Safer To Hate Her” from their latest release Hold Me Down. Everyone was jumping so much throughout their set especially during the songs “Underdog” and “Liquid Confidence”, that the balcony on which we stood felt as though any more and it would collapse. Everything just seemed a lot tighter and polished which through the years of touring it was bound to happen. Although in my opinion I think their older songs were a lot weaker and although they got great response from the fans they just didn’t get the same energy. The band seemed very happy to be onstage playing together and were constantly looking at each other with huge smile soon as the crowd sung along. I wasn’t a great fan of the band to be honest but now I am due to the fact their playing ability was excellent and the sound of all their instruments was perfectly adjusted to the sound they wanted to capture. They are definitely a band I would recommend listening to if you like pop punk, and with their album debuting at number 5 in the charts I think it would be hard to find someone that hasn’t heard them. So check them out you might be surprised.