Yashin Interview

We caught up with Yashin‘s Kevin Miles at Warped Tour. Check out the interview below.


How are you doing?

Awesome man. It’s good vibes all round. It’s jam packed and am glad to be in the press room.

You’ve been on tour to promote your new album, how’s it been?

It’s been incredible.  The Brighton show was unbelievable. We’re a Glasgow band, so the home town show was crazy for us. People from Scotland really get behind you.

It’s been the first time Warped has been to the UK in 15 years, what has been your favourite festival you’ve played?

We played a festival in Austria played Nova Rock. The bands we were rubbing shoulders with was just unbelievable – Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon – It was just huge! System Of A Down were there. We were sitting having dinner with Iron Maiden – It was a surreal experience. We’re not taking any of this for granted.

What advice would you give to a band wanting to play Warped Tour?

The competitions are always good. I watched the band who won this years competition (Taking Hayley) sound check. There’s no reason why they can’t blow up.

We did it the old fashioned way, you know just building yourself a solid reputation. If you believe it can happen, it will happen.

Let’s say your headlining Warped Tour, and you could pick the bill. Who’s playing?

I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. There’s a lot of bands who have heavily influenced us. Everyone in the band would have their own choice. Harry would have Fall Out Boy. For me, it would be Atreyu.