WWE lays the SmackDown on London

The WWE only come to the UK twice a year, but every time they cross the pond, the shows always seem to get better. Tonight an episode of Friday Night SmackDown was taped at the O2 Arena in London. What made this show extra special was the return of wrestling legend The Undertaker.  It was the first time “The Deadman” had wrestled or even made an appearance on a UK SmackDown in years.

As well as bringing over the big screen, WWE brought a fancy entrance ramp and lighting rig for tonight’s TV taping. This was a nice step up from the show I attended in 2011 where there were no fancy big screens or lighting rigs. This was no smoke and mirrors though, the focus was still putting on a great show. Apart from a few in ring promos and a few backstage segments, the crowd got to see several hours of just wrestling with few breaks.

The UK fans are always some of the rowdiest in the world and there was no exception on this Tuesday night. Huge roars of appreciation, duelling chants and a general excitement in the air. About half way through you could feel the audience quieten from nothing but exhaustion, but it soon picked up for the close of the show with DX and Triple H saving The Undertaker from the beating he was receiving from WWE villains, The Shield.

As always, we have to recommend these shows. WWE‘s live shows remain their biggest asset. If you want to see for yourself, grab a ticket for the November tour.