While She Sleeps Interview

We caught up with While She Sleeps guitarist Mat Welsh. Check out the interview below:

Kerrang! Tour: While She Sleeps

You played the Kerrang! tour at the beginning of the year. You were playing with bands that aren’t in the same genre of music as yourselves. How did you find it and what was the tour like overall?

It was really cool. It was a big eye opener for us. We were playing rooms bigger than what we had played before. It was really interesting to play to massive crowds. It was great playing to a couple of thousand people a night. It was good mixing with the other bands. All the dudes in the other bands were cool and it made us make a lot of new friends. It got us watching music that we wouldn’t usually watch. To be honest it’s all alternative – Big groups like New Found Glory, Letlive – one of our favourite bands at the moment, and The Blackout were cool anyway. So it was sick. Kerrang! Tour was awesome.

What was the highlight of the tour?

On the first night in Dublin, all the bands went to a club and everyone got fucking slaughtered. It was such a good way to start the tour off. Everyone became good mates with each other and by the next morning everyone knew each other. I woke up the next morning thinking shit, I was on Ian from New Found Glory shoulders last night, so I better talk to him today.

What was the best show on that tour?

I fucking loved Birmingham. Birmingham / Manchester were awesome. I don’t know if this is a highlight – probably a low-light – I fell off the stage at the Roundhouse in London which sucked! I sprained a load of ligaments in my leg. I jumped of my cab and hit a monitor. The monitor slid off stage and I went with it. I went face first into the photo pit. I carried on playing, but I was fucked and the next day I couldn’t walk for shit.

You’re new album comes out August. What can the fans expect from the album? Does the sound differ from previous album, “The North Stands For Nothing”?

It’s a progression. We didn’t go into the recording process with an idea of what sound we wanted. We just went in and made the record we wanted to make. We did whatever we liked. So it’s kind of like the old stuff but much better. It’s a lot more polished.

You’ve just signed with Search and Destroy, was there any added pressure from the label to get the album to a certain standard?

We got given deadlines. I recorded the last album, but this time we went to the studio and did it properly. In that respect we had deadlines. There was no corporate bullshit about anything. We weren’t forced into anything we didn’t want to do. It was a lot better than the last albums recording process. We got to reach out a bit more and try some new things.

What can fans expect from the “This Is The Six” single? (Music Video below)

Everything you could want in a song. It’s heavy but it’s something you can sing along to. We’ve not got softer, its going to be a big record.

You hit the festival circuit in a few weeks starting with Slam Dunk. You played last years festival as well. What can fans expect from the set?

Everything from last year and more. We’re going to be playing some new songs, so it will be good to see how the fans react.

Which festival are you most looking forward to playing and why?

Download. We’ve never played it before.

Apart from the album release, single release and the festivals, what’s next for you guys?

Usual thing man, we’re going to tour as much as we can. We’re going to do what we did with the last album for this album. We’re just going to carry on how we’ve done things in the past.

“This Is The Six” (single) is out now and can be purchased from iTunes: