We The Kings Interview

We caught up with We The Kings frontman Travis Clark for quick chat. Check it out below.

You are only a few dates into the tour, how have the shows been so far?

They’ve all been completely sold out which is really great considering this is our first tour of the new year! Hopefully the rest of 2013 will be the same!

Which city are you expecting to be the loudest?

Glasgow, Scotland is always really loud, plus I’m Scottish so I think people are excited about We The Kings more because of my heritage!

Your album “Sunshine State Of Mind” has been out for a little while, what has the reception been like and have you been happy with it?

The reaction as been incredible so far! It’s very rare that bands get far enough to release their 3rd studio album, so we’re just stoked that our fans supported of enough to let us put out record after record!

Do you feel your sounds has progressed since the release of “Smile Kid”?

Of course! Every record we release progresses…we never have wanted to release the same record twice so that’s why we focus on making sure its different.

After the UK/Europe dates, what are you guys up to?

We’ll be releasing our 4th studio album which we finished just before the tour….and if I can say this, it’s by far our best work ever and everyone should be really pumped to hear it this summer!