Walk The Moon Interview

We caught up with the guys from Walk The Moon for a quick chat. Check it out below:

You supported Pink at the iTunes festival, how was it?

Excellent. We’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. We got the chance to meet her at a luncheon we played at in New York City. We met her backstage and someone gave her our CD and she called us back that night asking if we could open up for her. So we’ve been looking forward to this for about a month. It couldn’t of gone better – It was great! It was a huge honor to play for an artist of that magnitude. It was really really cool.

How do the UK and US fans compare?

We are still a little new over here. We’ve done a lot of touring in the States. But this, is our third trip to England and I think the audiences are still learning about us and finding out who we are. It’s definitely a discovery for them. I don’t think a whole lot of people came knowing us, but we did see some people who knew all the words and that’s totally amazing. The audiences were really receptive to us asking them do stuff like clap their hands. We go for the crowd interaction. We like to people to be involved in the show.

Your self-titled album came out in June. What has the reception been like and have you been happy with it?

Reception’s been great. We got into the top 10 on iTunes on the 1st day which was a huge thrill. We’ve had a really good reaction from fans and have been well supported by our fan base which we really appreciate. A lot of the record is what is on our self-released disc from a few years ago. We were a little scared about this, but the response has been overwhelming. We are really excited to see how the album does internationally.

Did you find that your sound changed between the release of your self-released and your major label debut?

We felt that the previous record might of lacked in capturing the energy that we have live. Our goal for recording this album was to capture that.


Walk The Moon’s self-titled album is out now!