The Used Interview

We caught up with Jeph and Bert of The Used at Warped. Check out our chat with the boys below.

How are you guys doing?

Bert: Great – We’re just chilling.

Jeph: Literally, it’s cold as shit in here.

You guys are Warped Tour veterans. Tell us about your first Warped Tour experience?

Bert: The first time we played was in 2002. Was it 2001?

Jeph: I think it was 2002.

Bert: It was so long ago. They started us on the small stage and within 2 weeks we had broken all the equipment on that stage, so they moved us up to the main stage. So all those bands wanting to get big, just break shit.

Jeph: It worked for us.

Bert: Either they’ll kick you off the tour or put you on the main stage.

You’ve played Warped a few times. What has been the biggest changes you’ve seen since starting out back in 2002?

Bert: Just sponsorships. They’re getting out of control. The tour has definitely got bigger. There are more bands for kids to check out.

When you guys started playing Warped, did you find it to be a grueling tour?

Bert: Not really. When we first started out, we were just so stoked to be on tour that it didn’t really matter. We were on tour 9/10 months out of the year. Living in a parking lot was no big deal.

Did you have a van?

Bert: We were in a bus that had forty bunks.  We shared with four other bands

Jeph: We had an RV for a while as well. It was garbage. RV’s aren’t meant to travel that much.

Have you got anything special for your show tonight?

Bert: Yes. We’re going to keep it fresh. There will be a lot of new material.

Jeph: You know those laser pointers that you’re not supposed to point in peoples eyes? We have ten million behind the stage. We’re going to turn them on and say nobody look.

You just played Wembley Arena with Evanescence. What was that like?

Bert: It was fucking Wembley! Best show of the tour so far. It was insane to play for that many people.

“Vulnerable” has been out for a little while, what has the reception been like?

Bert: It’s been great! We really wanted to make a record that stood for something and was really positive. We have “Vulnerable 2” coming out. It’s maybe something for the true hardcore Used fans. It’s got eleven songs, remixes and some unreleased tracks. There’s also some acoustic tracks on there.

Jeph: Here’s a little fact. Guiness World Records rated “Vulnerable” as best record ever written.