ALBUM: The Script – "Science And Faith"

The band that brought you massive hits such as “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”, “Breakeven” and “Talk You Down” are back with yet another pop/rock filled album to tempt you with more great sing-along hits.

The album name Science And Faith gets you thinking if its going to have strong lyrical stories or philosophical questions. You would be half right, the singer Danny O’Donoghue does indeed question the science and faith but for one of life’s toughest quests, love.

Instantly a lot of people would be put off by the idea of an album filled with love songs but this isn’t just about falling in love. This is about being in love, falling out of love, coping with love and the feeling of break up. Ok it does sound like a soppy way to describe an album, but this is exactly what you get with a band like The Script, and what’s better subject to write songs about than the most relatable subject of all, love.

Here’s what they have to say for themselves.

‘Highlights include first single “For The First Time” – which was released in the UK on September 5th, and “Nothing” – its subject matter a drunken, broken hearted phone call to a lost love (“We’ve all been there,” as Danny says). Then there’s the track “If You Ever Come Back” – this song is about always leaving the door open for the possible return of a loved one. The song “Science & Faith”, takes on the primacy of love in the universal equation.’

The Script filled up with Mark Sheehan (Guitar) and Glen Power (Drums and quite possibly the best last name for a drummer) are back with this incredible sounding stadium rock album. The musicianship that has gone into this CD and the production has a massive sound to it even when it’s stripped bare. The songs are constructed with the finest of detail and every sound has a perfect place. I am a big fan of live music and very edgy sounding music, but if you could make your songs sound the best they possibly could then The Script have hit the nail on the head with this album. Danny’s flowing melodic lyrics fit perfectly into the hip hop rhythms and epic U2 style guitars. Huge choruses are definitely a signature of the band and this album sure has its fill.

My favorites include “Science and Faith”, “Nothing”, “You Won’t Feel a Thing” and “If You Ever Come Back”.

This is one of those albums that you really have to listen to and judge for yourself, but for me this is definitely not “The difficult second album”. This just proves that The Script are very skilled musicians that know how to craft a great sing-along love song. See for yourself.