What’s currently trending in the UK? Grado’s latest campaign – #SayYesMadonna

He’s trying to get hold of Madonna to ask her permission to use ‘Like A Prayer’ as his entrance music on TV.

It seemed that all the boxes had been ticked and the publishers would allow TNA to use the theme on their television broadcast of the Impact Wrestling show from Glasgow where Grado takes on Al Snow. Unfortunately, at the last minute they got this message:

Please be advised that the request below for the use of ‘Like A Prayer’ has been denied on behalf of Madonna​

Grado doesn’t believe that the lady herself had anything to do with this travesty of justice, so is using the power of social media to try and reach out to Madonna to get her permission:

I want to try and reach out to her Madge herself and to let her know how much the song means to myself and the wrestling world! I never want to use any other theme music, or some dubbed shite, there is no better feeling than a big rowdy crowd going bush to this song.