Rockstar Spud Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s Rockstar Spud to chat about the UK Tour, the UK independent scene and much more. Check out the interview below:


How did you find the recent UK Tour?

It was amazing, really rewarding. Especially being a guy from the UK and coming back. My first UK Tour was with British Boot Camp and my second one was when I was Chief of Staff for Dixie Carter, and wasn’t well received. But when I came back this time, it was a hero’s welcome. It was nice and was really rewarding to see a lot of the wrestlers that don’t usually get to come to the UK, experience the UK fans.

What’s the transition from the UK to US scene like?

It’s completely different because what worked on the independent scene isn’t necessarily going to work in front of the lights, cameras and the production.

What are your memories of the UK scene?

It’s where I grew up and where I busted my ass every week hoping someone would notice me. I think that’s the case with any independent wrestler anywhere in the world. It’s just a case of working hard as there are only so many spots in the big promotions. Deep down we’re all fighting for the same piece of the pie. I always have fond memories of my time in the UK. It was a growing period and I’m happy I got to experience it with so many other people.

What was the British Boot Camp experience like?

I found out I wasn’t the ideal choice originally. Originally they wanted to go with The Blossom Twins. I just thought to myself, I’ve got an opportunity here. I’ve got to throw everything I’ve got into it otherwise I’ll just regret it. I went in with the mentality that I want a job. I gave 150% every time the camera was on me.

Give us 2 or 3 highlights from your time in TNA so far

Everyday is a highlight. Whether it’s being on the road with some of the guys, being in the ring with some of the guys – everything is a moment. I got to do the Joker’s Wild match with Bully Ray. He was my partner and we were up against Austin Aries and Ken Anderson. I came out to the Birmingham crowd and they weren’t that receptive as I was a heel. Those 3 guys stood back and let me entertain. It was so nice they did that, especially in my hometown as well. I used to work directly opposite the building we performed in (The NIA) – it was just so rewarding. The whole experience with TNA has been rewarding. I’m living the dream.

Growing up, watching WWF/WWE on television, how does it feel getting in the ring and working with those guys?

It’s surreal. If you see the pictures of my first pro-wrestling match, I’m dressed as a Dudley Boy. I wanted to be part of the Dudleys. Spike had big brothers that looked after him. I thought if I was a Dudley, I’d have a big brother that would look after me. It was stupid. Bubba would laugh at this. It was great standing in the ring with Bully Ray. I was the biggest ECW fan growing up so I always take on the advice I get from Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow. It’s really makes you feel that you’ve come full circle as you’re working with the guys that made you want to do this. It’s great.

What’s it like working with EC3?

I’ve been married to the guy for a year and half now. It’s like the end of a movie. We’ve had the beginning, had the middle and Wembley was the end. It’s a finish to the action movie with missiles, bombs and guns. It’s all in there. You know it’s going to be one of those matches that are remembered by wrestling fans for years to come. Especially because the both of us arrived in the company at the same time. This is two guys that always wanted an opportunity. We’ve taken what the writer’s have given us and the faith they’ve put in us with this storyline. I’m 5 foot 4, 150 pounds and a British guy. It’s hard enough to get noticed as it is, and constantly getting told no because of your size – I just main evented Impact Wrestling at Wembley Arena in front of 8,000 people. No one will ever be able to take that away from me.

Who would be your dream opponent?

Right now, from anyone on the Impact Wrestling roster it would be Eric Young. I think we can do a lot of stuff together. He reminds me of a young Buzz Sawyer. If you’re talking back in the day I’d love to work with Ricky Morton, Ric Flair or Sting.

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