Robbie E Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s Robbie E when he was in London last month. Check out the interview below.


How’s everything going?

I’ve been here for ten days and I’m here for another week. So the total is like 18 days and I’ve had something everyday, whether it’s wrestling or a seminar or signing. I don’t think I’ve had more than 4 or 5 hours sleep in one night. That’s why I’ve got bags under my eyes. It’s been non-stop, but I like it.

How have the shows been?

Good. All the shows here are different to those in America as we don’t come here often. The fans are very grateful and excited. We’re big on Challenge TV, we’re excited to see all the energy in the buildings. All the shows are organised. In America, you might be on an independent wrestling show which is 5 hours away. Here they are all 2 or 3 hours away, clean buildings, exciting matches and great crowds. I like it.

How did you get started in the world of pro-wrestling?

I liked wrestling from when I was a child. My older brother liked it, so he got me into it. When I turned 16, I joined a wrestling school with 3 of my friends. 2 quit before the first match and 1 I wrestled in my first match then he quit. So I was alone, didn’t have my driving license as you had to be 17 to drive. I eventually got my license and kept training and started doing independent shows and started making a name for myself in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania area.

How did the TNA Wrestling opportunity come about?

I knew Terry Taylor from a seminar he did. He worked for TNA at the time. He liked me and we kept in contact. I was in Florida, he said come down and we’ll give you a dark match. I wrestled a guy named Bobby Fish (who’s now in ROH). I was sitting in catering that day with Simon Diamond (Pat Kenny – an agent for TNA). Vince Russo was in catering and Pat made a joke as he walked by. He said Vince you wanted to do a Jersey Shore character, here’s your guy. Vince looks at me and says, you’re from Jersey? I’m like yeah. He says, can you get a girl? I went yeah. They talked privately and came back to me. They said spike your hair and fist pump. I did it. Vince and Dixie watched my match in the audience. After they saw my match, they said sign him. They said it was the best match in TNA history for a dark match. They had me do a promo after the match and they offered me a contract straight after that. It was pretty surreal. If Pat didn’t make that joke, this wouldn’t of happened.

How did you feel when TNA asked you to be a face?

The cool thing about TNA is that you have input. When it was time for The BroMans to be done, I wanted to lead to where I’m going now. The fans would want to get behind me more as I’ve been in TNA longer than Jesse. TNA have very loyal fans. They know I’ve put my work in and I’ve been wrestling for 15 years and they respect that. I figured I would be the one they’d get behind and cheer. I feel like after 5 years, things need to change. It was good to change things up. My character needed a bit of direction and something different. It’s a good opportunity to show a different side of myself.

What were some of your highlights being part of The BroMans?

The 2 times we won our tag titles – Bound For Glory in San Diego and in Tokyo, Japan where we won our tag titles back from The Wolves at The One Night Only PPV.

What are your favourite cities to wrestle in?

I love wrestling in London at Wembley. That’s a favourite. We do it once a year and it’s awesome. I love wrestling in Tokyo. I’ve wrestled on every continent apart from Antartica!

TNA returns to the UK in January 2016. What is it about the UK fans that make TNA shows so great?

The fans don’t get us that often. Only once a year. It creates excitement. When you don’t get something a lot, you want it. All year they want it. It’s an exciting time for the fans and us the wrestlers. It’s what creates the buzz and energy.

Do you have any favourite matches from wrestling in the UK?

When I lost to rockstar Spud and I smacked bigger Rob in the face. It was in the middle of Wembley Arena and it got a huge reaction – it was pretty memorable.


TNA / Impact Wrestling returns to the UK in January for three huge shows in Manchester, London and Birmingham. For more information, head on over to