Robbie E and Robbie T Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s Robbie E and Robbie T in London earlier this month. Check out the interview below:

Robbie E and Robbie T in action

How are you guys doing?

Robbie E: I’m doing good, but I was told this was going to be a TV interview. I did my hair for you and everything.

You’re in London, what are you guys up to?

Robbie E: We’ve been here for 4 days and last night was the first night we got to go out. We were pretty pumped for that until the club we got to was full of dudes, so it didn’t work out for us. We’re looking for some girls around here and they seem no where to be found.

You’re promoting the January tour, are you guys looking forward to it and which city are you most looking forward to performing in?

Robbie E: I’d say we’re 1000% looking forward to the tour. The fans here are awesome. The crowds are always hot and packed. We’re most looking forward to the Wembley Arena show. It’s always a great atmosphere, and with Robbie E and Robbie T hopefully in the house, I’m pretty sure we’re gonna be the guys that steal the show that night.

At these shows there are going to be steel cage matches every night of the tour. Who would you like to face in the cage?

Robbie E: To be honest we’d like to face anyone who has gold. If we’re going to go in a cage it’s got to be worth something – at least some championship gold.

Robbie T: Absolutely.

What is the transition like from the independent scene to a major promotion like Impact Wrestling?

Robbie E: When you’re on the independents you work to get on television, and for pro-wrestling to be your full time job. It’s a great feeling – national exposure, worldwide exposure and it definitely helps you get a lot more chicks.

Have you got any funny road stories?

Robbie T: Everyday is a different story. When I’m on the road with Robbie, I use the word ‘Bro’ ten times more than I usually would. I call my wife ‘Bro’ and she gets real mad at me when I say that. We have a lot of fun. We gel really well as a team in and out of the ring, so we’re constantly having fun all the time.

Robbie E: And he think’s it was weird yesterday that I went up to a coffee stand and asked if they had any protein.

Robbie T: He has to get accustomed to how we do things over here.

Have you got any stand out matches?

Robbie T: The UK tour with EY Eric Young, when I won the global title in my hometown of Cardiff, Wales. Friends and family were there, it was an epic night for me.

Finally, Let’s say you’re booking your own PPV, what would be the top 3 matches on that card?

Robbie E: The top match is going to be big Rob and bigger Rob against Kazarian and Daniels because they’re the current Tag champions. The semi main event is going to be against Austin Aries. I’m going to wrestle twice that night. Then the match before would be Robbie T vs Samoa Joe for the Televsion title. That way we’re both wrestling twice and we’re both leaving with two titles that night.

Robbie T: That sounds good to me.

Impact Wrestling make their long awaited return to the UK in January, click here for more details.

What makes this tour even more special is that the Manchester show will now be an Impact Wrestling television taping. 2 episodes of TV will be taped in Manchester, as well as the 2 already announced for London. Check out the updated tour poster below: