LIVE: Renegades – 18/04/10 – Leadmill, Sheffield

I think it’s safe to say that if you turn up to a Renegades show and expect Feeder but with new songs, you would be wrong! Renegades are still Feeder but only in the sense that the guitarist and main songwriter Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose are still the driving force of the band with the addition of drummer Karl Brazil.

I have been a fan of Feeder since they released “Buck Rodgers” way back when I first started playing music. They are a great band that although played rock music, had that pop melody that always stuck in your head and I think that’s what attracted a lot of people to them. They have been off the radar for a few years now and this is what I consider their We’re back tour. I hadn’t heard any of their new tracks before so when I got to the show I was there with an open mind.

Grant, Taka and Karl take to the stage to applause and chants of Feeder being shouted by the crowd but instantly Grant assures them this isn’t a Feeder show and they are going to play new music. Straight away they rip into a riff driven wall of distortion and get their power stance on!

I’ve got to admit it took me (and I’m sure most of the other fans there) a while to get the new sound. Don’t get me wrong I liked it and really enjoyed the night just it’s so hard to get Feeder out of your mind, or to the back at least so Renegades can fit in. While they were on stage ripping out songs “Left foot right” and “Sentimental” I instantly started getting other bands pop into my head. Bands like Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana are a mix of what I think Renegades are most comparable to.

Grant is definitely a fan of riffs and the set wasn’t short of them, what made them so heavy impact was for sure Taka’s driving bass lines. His playing is one of those where if the lights were down you would still know Feeder were onstage. Also credit has to be given to the new drummer Karl, his playing was heavy hitting and grabbed your attention from the get go and to be fair if a drummer breaks a stick then it’s a good show but when they break a snare it’s on another level. Even though their playing was individually spot on together I felt they were a little uneasy onstage. It seemed to me like they were unsure of how their songs would go down and it took a while for them to get relaxed but once they did the whole of the venue’s enthusiasm sky rocketed and more people started jumping around. I was really impressed with what they had achieved in the past and with this band it definitely is going to take them down a different route, but one that could bring them a whole new fan base on its own.

I would say for sure give them a shot but make sure you give them a fresh start when you do. They are heavier, quirkier and faster! So check out and listen to my favourite tracks “Renegades” and “Sentimental” and see what you think.