New Politics Interview

We caught up with New Politics on their Arena tour with Fall Out Boy. Check out the interview below.

new politics

How has the tour with Fall Out Boy been so far?

Soren: It’s been amazing. We’ve been out with them a few times before. We did a tour with them in the US and we’ve done some one-off shows with them at festivals. They’re amazing guys and have a very positive fan base that comes early to see the opening bands – We’ve been so blessed and so lucky. Fall Out Boy been really good to their fans and we can feel that love too. They have a very welcoming fan base. It’s such an honour to be out with the guys.

What’s the rock scene like in Copenhagen?

Soren: It’s really good. It has a specific sound. Turboweekend and Veto have all come out of Denmark. They’re really melodic. It’s a really healthy scene. We’ve been so lucky to come from a small place and sign a major deal. Over the next few years some very good bands will come out of Denmark.

How easy or hard was it to break out of Denmark?

David: It’s not easy. We’re still working on it! This is the first time we’ve broken out of the States. We never really broke in Denmark. The first challenge was establishing ourselves in the States and we did that with ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’. Now we’re just blessed and lucky to be here. It means a lot to us, being from Europe and being inspired by the UK music scene. It’s a personal thing as  a fellow Europeans. It’s great. We’re going to try and push it as hard as we can.

I’ve heard that breaking each state is like breaking a different country. Is this true?

David: Absolutely. It’s only on this second album we have made a stamp. We’ve established ourselves in that scene. We’re still crossing over to other scenes. I was in the car with a friend over here and there’s one station that plays all genres of music.

Soren: In the US it’s not state to state. It’s city to city.

David: There’s so many genres.

Soren: There’s 350 pop stations and each has to play a certain amount of a track each week.

David: You switch on to one station and you only get that genre of music. It’s crazy. You have to prove it in that genre first then hopefully it will cross over.

What was the recording process for ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’ like and did it differ from the first album?

Louis: It was scattered. A lot of it was record in New York. Some demoing was done in New York and some of it was done in the apartment in Bushwick. The other guys were dealing with a culture shock moving to New York but all of that fuelled a lot of the influences for of a lot of the songs on the record. The album had a different mindset.

Which songs are your favourite from the album and which are going down well live?

Soren: Its those that we haven’t played much. It’s so much fun watching people sing back the singles.

Louis: It depends on the crowd and our mood. It’s awesome to see the crowd singing ‘Harlem’ and when we see the fans singing album tracks which aren’t singles. One of my favourites is ‘Fall Into These Arms’.

Soren: I cant decide between ‘Overcome’ and ‘Stuck On You’ because I get to play piano. It’s so cool to see the crowd reaction.

Tonight is Wembley Arena. Is this the show you’ve most been looking forward to?

Louis: Yes, it’s legendary!

David: I’m just blown away by how big it is. We come here on our first official tour dates and we’re on an area tour. It’s so big. It’s what you dream about when you’re a kid. We did it in the States with the Staples Center and Barclays. It’s another check off the bucket list.

After this tour you’re on the road with Paramore and Fall Out Boy again. Are you looking forward to these shows?

Louis: I grew up being a fan of Fall Out Boy. It’s crazy to be touring with a band that moulded me as a musician – Paramore too. It’s going to be awesome. It’s going to be the tour of the summer.


‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’ is out now. For more information on New Politics, check them out on Facebook.