Matt Hardy Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s Matt Hardy back in September. Check out the interview below.


L to R, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy

You’re going up against The Wolves and Team 3D at No Surrender tonight. What can we expect from tonight’s match?

You can expect what happens everytime these 3 teams get in the ring. We’re going to steal the show. It’s a ladder match and that’s our speciality. We plan on going in there and creating havoc. Jeff and I are after those TNA Tag Team Championships and tonight maybe the night.  I promise you this, you will be blown away by what you see.

What was it like going from WWE to TNA? Did you feel like there was a transition period?

Not really a huge transition period as far as the wrestling style. I feel pretty well versed in our wrestling style. I can go have a solid and entertaining match.

The biggest transition was getting used to the 6 sided ring – It’s very different. I’d never wrestled in a 6 sided ring before coming  to TNA. It’s a little different especially in a tag match where you both have to be on the same page, as far as where you’re shooting your opponent to – The ropes are a little shorter now. You definitely have to be on the same page. Springing of the turnbuckles a little different too. For safety reasons and to make the match as fun as possible, you need to get used to the 6 sided ring.

Which wrestler on the current TNA roster would you like to go up against?

Right now myself and Jeff are after the TNA Tag Team Championships. That’s our first goal. We want to get that. Looking down the road I’d like to work with EC3. As a matter of fact he’s just walked in the room – speak of the devil!

Could we see Matt Hardy as a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

That’s something that could totally happen. My name is Matt Hardy and one of my mottos in this day and age is ‘Anything is possible’.

You haven’t been to the UK in a while. Last time was with TNA back in 2011. What do you love about the UK fans?

I absolutely love the passion and enthusiasm from the UK fans. A lot of fans in the US sometimes are like ‘we get wrestling a lot’. Sometimes the bigger companies that have television such as Impact Wrestling, they’ll go to a stop several times and fans will be like ‘ok it’s wrestling, they’ll be back in a few months’. The UK fans, are like ‘man this is our time, it’s January, it’s the Impact Wrestling Tour, we’re so excited, we’re going to go crazy, we’re going to hoot and holler’. When the fans react that way, the guys in the ring enjoy being there so much more. They also perform so much better. The reaction of the crowd and the performers mirror of one another. That’s one thing I love about the UK and the fans – You know they’re going to be loud and enthusiastic.

Can we expect to see you on next year’s tour?

I would say there is a hugely strong possibility. I’m going to be coming to the UK in 2015 one way or another. We’re figuring out the smaller details right now, it’s not 100% yet, but I would suggest I will be.

Throughout your time in TNA, WWE and the indies, what has been your favourite match?

I don’t have one. It’s hard for me to put a finger on one. I’ve had so many matches that are great and stand out for different reasons. There are a number of pivotal moments – When me and Jeff won the Tag Titles for the first time. Me and Edge in the Steel Cage – It was a emotional match. The match with Jeff and I at WrestleMania – all those stand out as being great matches.

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Tickets for the TNA Impact Wrestling 2015 tour are on sale now. Details below:

January 2015 Tour details:

Thursday 29 January 2015 – Glasgow, The SSE Hydro / 0844 811 0051 /

Friday 30 January 2015 – Manchester, Phones 4u Arena / 0844 847 8000 /

Saturday 31 January 2015 – London, Wembley Arena / 0844 815 0815 /

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