LIVE: While She Sleeps – 05/10/12 – Electric Ballroom, London

This was While She Sleeps last show of tour and what a way to go out. I’ve seen the Sleeps boys play festivals 100 times the size of the Electric Ballroom, but tonight’s gig was the best I’ve ever seen them play.

As soon as Mat Welsh hit the first note on his guitar, the Electric Ballroom erupted.  The crowd went into headbanging, fist pumping frenzy. Sleeps album This Is The Six has only been out for a couple of months and the reception the newer songs were getting was amazing. Fans were singing back word perfect.

The band were on top form as usual. Frontman Lawrence Taylor kept the crowd pumped throughout the set although this wasn’t really needed as the crowd were switched on and ready to go from the first word sung to the last chord strummed.

Stand out tracks were “Our Courage, Our Cancer”, “Hearts Aside Our Horses” and the emotional “Be(lie)ve”. The set finished with “Seven Hills”.

It was a pleasure to see Sleeps – a band who have worked their arses off to get where they are today,  play a sold out London show and kill it like they always do.