LIVE: The Music Room – Riverside Studios, London – 29/05/13

The other day we went down to Riverside Studios in Hammersmith to check out the first episode of The Music Room – a new live interactive two-part series showcasing the hottest up-and-coming bands via Xbox Live.

The show itself was just over an hour long and featured performances from Don Broco, Everything Everything and Carl Barat. Swim Deep did not perform live at the event, but were taped earlier in the day. It was a bit of a downer that they weren’t playing live but the band had another gig on the other side of town. If you have a chance to check Swim Deep out, please do, they are awesome live!

The show was hosted by Laura Jackson. In between sets she sat bands down for interviews. She also took part in a chilli sauce challenge with Don Broco frontman Rob Damiani – she lost, but put up a great fight. What I liked about the show was the interactive polling – it put fans in the driving seat. For example in this episode fans were asked what their favourite Libertines song was.

Overall a promising and exciting first show, I look forward to show number two later this month.