LIVE: The Blackout – 29/10/12 – The Underworld, Camden

It is two nights from all-hallows eve. There is only one way for fans of The Blackout to spend this festive period. Partying.

The Blackout are in the middle of preparations for their full UK tour early next year to promote their upcoming full length studio album Start The Party. Tonight’s gig is very intimate, a back to basics scenario for The Blackout, who have enjoyed huge acclaim and success in the past few years with main stage slots at Reading and Leeds and Download on top of headline gigs in venues such as Camden’s Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse, where The Blackout triumphed roughly 12 months ago, is just a short walk down the road from where, tonight, The Blackout will give fans a taste of what is to come.

Opening with their latest single, “Start The Party”, The Blackout came on stage wearing fancy dress costumes and wide smiles. Tonight’s offerings came from all Blackout albums, making sure that fans old and new were kept entertained. A personal favourite had to be “Prepare For A Wound”. The Blackout wasted no time in rattling through the hits, however kept crowd interaction at a high level. Other featured songs in tonight’s set included “Children Of The Night”, “ShutTheFuckUppercut”, “Higher And Higher” and “I’m A Riot? You’re A Fucking Riot”.

I can truly say from experience that they are getting better by the day. The Blackout tonight, have proven that they have matured into a powerful, meaningful British rock band, home at both large festival scenarios and small clubs.