LIVE: Seether – 15/11/12 – Electric Ballroom, Camden

A large and very rowdy crowd pack into Camden’s iconic Electric Ballroom tonight. The walls are laced with memorabilia of epic past events that have graced the venue, tonight, Seether become the latest addition to the list.

Support for tonight’s show came to us in the form of Heaven’s Basement. With an ever growing fan base, the band played through songs such as “Executioners Day” and “Reign On My Parade”. Heaven’s Basement band were consistent throughout their set in delivering good rock ‘n’ roll. A good vocal performance, tight drums and bass complemented the outstanding proficiency of Heaven’s Basement’s guitarist. After seeing the original Heaven’s Basement line up, I couldn’t help but to think they have lost the sparkle they once had. Still a solid performance, but certainly overshadowed by tonight’s headliners.

The crowd were treated to arguably one of South Africa’s finest exports, Seether, who put on a fantastic performance which was complemented with an outstandingly well mixed show. Possibly the best sound I have heard at the venue to date. Playing songs off of their latest album as well as favourites such as “Country Song”, “Fake It”, “Rise Against This” and “No Jesus Christ”, the band are flawless.

The last time I got to see Seether was nearly a year to the day in Toronto at the Molsom Amphitheater –  a large outdoor venue. Tonight’s setting couldn’t be further from this and Seether exhibited their fantastic musicianship and flawless delivery no matter what the venue. Recently over drinks with some friends, I was asked who I thought was rocks best vocalist. After tonight, I may have to re-evaluate my decision.