LIVE: Natives – 03/04/14 – The Borderline, London

Natives recently released their debut album ‘Indoor War’. I absolutely loved the release and couldn’t wait to see and hear the tracks live. Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see them play The Borderline in London.

The band opened with “The Horizon”. It’s quite an upbeat track that got the crowd moving. Tonight’s gig was the band’s first headline show in the capital. There was a really good turnout with the venue nearly at capacity! The band give it their all in the first song and continue to perform at this level throughout the night. Following a short introduction from the band we go straight into ‘Ghost’. This is one of my favourites from the album and it was played perfectly. The guitar slides/delay at the beginning of the track sound awesome. ‘Ghost’ demonstrates how versatile Jim Thomas’ vocal range is.

The band also played ‘Big Plans’ and ‘This Island’ (this included a special guest vocals appearance from Jamie Jazz – Bleach Blood, ex King Blues). Music videos for these tracks were released at the beginning of last year, wetting fan’s appetites for ‘Indoor War’. Again these sound amazing live, if not better than the studio version. The set closed with ‘For Everything’.

I really enjoyed tonight’s show. The set was short but we got to hear a lot of ‘Indoor War’ – a great sounding album on CD, but even better live.