LIVE: Linkin Park – 23/11/14 – The O2 Arena, London

I was lucky enough to catch Linkin Park on the first of two O2 Arena dates. Having seen them a million times before, I knew they were going to put on a great set and tonight was no exception. The band played a lot of material from their latest album ‘The Hunting Party’ but also threw some classics into the mix for a energetic and enjoyable set.

Show opener ‘Guilty All The Same’ definitely set the tone for the evening. As soon as Mike Shinoda hit the first chord on his guitar, fans went into a frenzy. As I mentioned a lot of material was from the band’s latest release, but we were treated to some tracks from the band’s earlier releases. ‘One Step Closer’, ‘Papercut’ and ‘Points Of Authority’ are already heavy songs, but tonight the band made slight alterations to make the tracks sound even more grittier and meaner. Linkin Park do this with ease and the crowd are loving it.

Some of you may remember Fort Minor, the side project from Mike Shinoda. We were given a little rendition of ‘Remember The Name’ which London thoroughly enjoyed! The stage production was amazing – The set was made up of loads of LED screens which changed colour track to track. There were even LED cubes that enclosed Joe Hahn and drummer Rob Bourdon.

Overall a very enjoyable gig – not only did the songs sound awesome, the production took the show to the next level. I saw them headline the Download Festival back in June, but tonight’s set was ten times better!