LIVE: Impact Wrestling – 01/02/14 – Wembley Arena, London

It’s that time of year again, we’ve just been to Wembley Arena to see TNA record two episodes of Impact Wrestling, the highest rated wrestling programme in the UK.

As well as witnessing Kurt Angle get inducted into the TNA Hall Of Fame, we saw the roster put on a great wrestling show in front of one of TNA’s loudest crowds. Apart from a few in ring promos, TNA produces its backstage segments separately. This meant the crowd got to see several hours of just wrestling with few breaks. It’s what the crowd paid to see, and they were very happy with it! The UK fans are always some of the rowdiest in the world and there was no exception on this Saturday night.

We won’t reveal too much about the matches and stories we saw, because nobody wants a spoiler! You can see the final Wembley taping tonight on Challenge (Channels 125 on Sky, 46 on Freeview, 145 on Freesat and 139 on Virgin).

Some things we will reveal: we saw TNA’s latest signing MVP in action. We saw Davey Richards and Bobby Roode compete in an amazing technical match. We saw Samoa Joe and Magnus close the show with an exciting segment leading into tonight’s Lockdown PPV.

Overall a very enjoyable evening. We highly recommend you grab a ticket for next year’s tour. You won’t be disappointed!