LIVE: Evanescence – 09/11/12 – Wembley Arena

It isn’t often we get a chance to see Amy Lee and co. on this side of the pond, and after this summers cancellation of Sonisphere Festival, this tour has been the first chance for British fans to see their latest album Evanescence live.

Tonight,  main support came from the Salt Lake City quartet, The Used. Judging by the t-shirts being sported by tonight’s mixed crowd, The Used boasted a large contingent of fans there to see them play. Bert McCraken never fails to start at 10, and stay at 10. Very rarely do you see support bands make such a powerful impact on the nights entertainment. Coming on stage to “Take it Away”, the band smash through hits such as “The Bird and the Worm”, “Pretty Handsome Awkward” and “Put Me Out”. A stellar performance by a stellar band.

Evanescence played to a reasonably full Wembley Arena and performed a set very heavily weighted with material from their latest album. Amy Lee proved that despite her long break, she is still one of the best female vocalists out there. Powerful, haunting and warm on the ears. Evanescence opened with “What You Want”, before rattling through new songs and favourites such as “Call Me When You’re Sober”, “Lithium”, “Going Under” and “Bring Me To Life”. The highlight of the evening had to be Amy Lee’s solo piano rendition of “My Immortal”.

A very solid evening of musicianship from both support and main acts.