LIVE: 36 Crazyfists – 17/02/15 – Electric Ballroom, London

SHVPES were the first band to grace the stage at the Electric Ballroom tonight. Formerly known as CYTOTA, they get straight into things and show London what they’re all about. I last saw these guys play with Crossfaith at KOKO a few months ago. They were spot on then and tonight is no different. Even though the room is half full, those who got to the show early appreciate how good this band are. For those who haven’t heard of SHVPES, they’re a mix of hardcore and rock – The highlight of the set was ‘Generation Scared’.

All Hail The Yeti were up next.  This band are straight up metal – they put on a very heavy set and got the crowd moving.  Having never seen this band before, I wasn’t too familiar with their stuff, but they’re a tight bunch who played some pretty epic riffs. Singer Connor Garritty had a very impressive vocal range! I look forward to seeing these guys return to the UK soon.

It’s now time for the main event. Alaska’s 36 Crazyfists open with ‘Vanish’ – one of my favourite songs from the band’s extensive back catalogue. It’s an incredibly fast paced set. They hardly stop to take a breather, but at the same time they give London their tickets worth. There is so much energy in the room as the band go from song to song. The crowd are singing along, always moving and there are even a few crowd surfers – it was cool to see this. They even got a fan on stage to sing ‘Destroy The Map’ (one of the encore songs) – this was definitely a moment that fan would never forget. The band closed with ‘Slit Wrist Theory’. Highlights included ‘Also Am I’ and ‘Sorrow Sings’.