Less Than Jake Interview

We caught up with Less Than Jake‘s Roger and Chris at Warped Tour. Check out the interview below:

Less Than Jake

How are you guys doing?

Chris: We’re doing good.

Roger: How long are you guys going to be in here (press room) for – surely you should be out there watching the bands.

Amplified: We’ve been in and out.

Roger: We just want you to have a good time.

You guys are Warped Tour veterans, what is the craziest Warped story you’ve got for us?

Roger: We accidentally set a portaloo on fire one time. But we never confessed to it and we still got in trouble.

Chris: Didn’t that thing get thrown in the river?

Roger: There are too many Warped tour stories.

Chris: I’ll tell you a story about an English photographer (for a well known UK rock magazine). They flew him over to Texas where its 40 degrees, and humid as hell. This guy is out there at 11 in the morning drinking vodka and tonic. We were like what are you doing man? You can’t be drinking in this heat. He was like, I’m an Englishman, I can take it. He passed out and his camera got stolen. This tour is very hot.

The Warped Tour is a very grueling tour – what was your first Warped Tour like?

Chris: We were in a tour bus. We had always driven in vans before. It was difficult in that we didn’t know anybody. It was our first tour in a bus.

Since your first Warped Tour, what are the biggest changes you have witnessed?

Roger: It’s got massively bigger. It’s expanded. There’s a load of different stages and there are€ way more sponsors.

What advice would you give to an up and coming rock band wanting to play the Warped Tour?

Roger: You should get a computer hacker in your band that can break into the Warped Tour mainframe and change the votes for the Kevin Says stage. That’s the easiest way.

Chris: You’d be surprised we’ve seen bands on that tour that shouldn’t.