Jeremy Borash Interview

A few weeks ago, we caught up with the voice of TNA Wrestling, Jeremy Borash. Check out the interview below.

Interview was conducted on the 6th March.

TNA Wrestling's: Jeremy Borash

You guys were back over here in January for the Maximum iMPACT! Tour. How do you think it went?

It was definitely our most successful tour to date. The fan response was fantastic. We covered a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. We went over to Paris, Dublin, and did a load of dates in the UK. Every time we keep coming back, it gets better and better. The best part is that we get to see a lot of the same faces. Once you’ve been to the same building a couple of times, you start to recognise some of the people that are there. There’s nothing better than seeing repeat customers at the shows. If you ask any of the guys on the roster that have been on the tours in the past, it’s their favourite part of the year. It’s their favourite tour to go on. That just speaks for the fans and the great time we’ve had here.

In your opinion, what was the best city to perform in?

I’m always partial to Birmingham, but every show was a little different. Glasgow had the craziest fans. In Dublin we had a beer bash at the end of the show. Wembley is Wembley – You can’t beat the crowd there. I couldn’t pick just one, but am going to give you the politically correct answer of that they were all great. But I distinctively remember something different about every show and that’s because they all stood out in good ways.

You’ve been in the UK for the past couple of days now, what have you been doing here?

We decided that we needed to thank the fans for making our move to Challenge TV an amazing success. We’ve had a rough couple of months in the television world over here with the move from Bravo. The fans singlehandedly saved the company from being off television (Twitter, Facebook, phone calls, voicemails etc). We decided we wanted to give back and continue a follow up after a great tour, to thank the fans that helped us out. What we did was, we went around the country and gave out free tickets to an invite only party at a secret location. We had it last night in Mayfair at a club called Babble. We ended up having a wonderful time with the most diehard fans we have.

Fans would love to see an episode of iMPACT! or a PPV shot over here in the UK. Will we be seeing one in the near future?

You know if it was up to me and I was writing the cheques and paying the bills – Tomorrow, I would move iMPACT! to London permanently. There are no bigger, enthusiastic fans in the world, than the United Kingdom. You ask any of the wrestlers and they’ll tell you that. They are the loudest and best fans to perform in front of. We just took the show out of the iMPACT! zone for the first time last week and it got our highest rating ever. We’ve been wanting to do that for a while and try something different. We tried it, and it was a huge success. So after that, we take the next step, do we move out of there permanently? There are a lot of different steps that you take and one thing we’ve always done in TNA (and that’s the reason we’re still in business), is that that we’ve not put the cart before the horse – How do we do this? What’s the next step? We’ve got it all laid out – It’s just the baby steps we’ve got to take to get there. The day will come – It’s something I’ve wanted since the first time I was here for a wrestling show over ten years ago. It’s being able to do television over here and being able to get the fans on camera and show everyone the loudest fans in the world. If you go to a TNA show, the atmosphere is something like most fans have never seen. I did a documentary on the Manchester show just because I brought the camera over and wanted to shoot it myself. I figured out what shots I wanted to shoot and captured the magic that was happening in the building that night.

What would be your dream wrestling match? This can include wrestlers past or present.

I’ve already seen it. My favourite matchup that I’ve been able to see live is AJ Styles v Kurt Angle. To me, there are no two more exciting wrestlers to watch. Nobody on this planet has seen more AJ Styles matches than I have. I’ve literally been ringside for every match he’s ever had in TNA. Over the course of 8 years that’s a lot and he works his tail off. Kurt Angle is the greatest of all time. Jeff Jarrett will tell you. After the last match they had, I told Jeff, that was incredible, great job! First thing he said was, don’t thank me, thank Kurt Angle. Kurt is the best in the business and probably the best ever. To watch him, and have him in our company, I count my blessings every day that he is part of our organisation – same thing with AJ Styles. To see them two together – that’s my dream match.

What do you think the future for TNA is?

Every day is a new adventure. To me, over here, is seeing the great fans in the United Kingdom and getting the success with the Challenge launch – It’s just another success story. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the past nine years in TNA. To us, the future is those baby steps that we talked about – how many different things are we going to try? What’s the next step to grow our company to the next level? And how many different ways can we reach our fans and make them feel included and part of the program? The future of TNA, is that it is going to become more fan interactive on levels that people didn’t imagine before.

For more information on TNA Wrestling, head on over to the official website. You can watch TNA Wrestling on Challenge (Freeview channel 46, Sky channel 125 and Virgin Media channel 139). The flagship show iMPACT! airs every Tuesday at 10pm.