Impact Wrestling locks down Wembley Arena, then blows the roof off!

It’s a pretty big weekend for wrestling (the Royal freakin’ Rumble is about to happen!), that was made even bigger for us by a trip to Wembley Arena to see TNA record two episodes of Impact Wrestling, the highest rated wrestling programme in the UK. The tour comes once a year, just like Christmas, but this time it was better than Christmas, because it had a STEEL CAGE.

Impact Wrestling – 26/01/13 – Wembley Arena

As well as bringing along a cage, they brought a fancy entrance ramp and lighting rig. This was a nice step up from last year’s show, which was the first TV taping the company had done outside of America. This was no smoke and mirrors though, the focus was still putting on a great wrestling show in front of one of TNA’s biggest ever crowds. Apart from a few in ring promos, TNA produces its backstage segments separately. This meant the crowd got to see several hours of just wrestling with few breaks. It’s what the crowd paid to see, and they were very happy with it!

The UK fans are always some of the rowdiest in the world and there was no exception on this Saturday night. Huge roars of appreciation, duelling chants and a general excitement in the air. About half way through the filming of the second episode you could feel the audience quieten from nothing but exhaustion, but it soon picked up again for the big TNA vs Aces and Eights storyline that closed the show leading towards the LockDown event.

I won’t reveal too much about the matches and stories we saw, because nobody wants a spoiler! You can see the shows on Challenge (Channels 125 on Sky, 46 on Freeview 46 and 139 on Virgin) on the 17th and 24th of February, with the tapings from Manchester on Friday night going out the two Sundays before.

Some things I will reveal: the show opened with an X-Division Xscape cage match which will feature on an episode of Xplosion in the next few weeks. We saw all four of the British Bootcamp competitors in action. There were two title matches.

As always, we have to recommend these shows. TNA’s live shows remain their biggest asset. If you want to see for yourself, grab a ticket for next year’s tour.

We spoke to TNA’s president, Dixie Carter, after the show (no word of a lie, she had just had a JägerBomb with comedian Jack Whitehall) and her appreciation for the UK fans shone through.