HIM to play Sonisphere

Helsinki’s HIM  will make their debut at Knebworth this July. Last year’s “Tears On Tape” saw the triumphant return of the band after a three year gap.

Bass player Mige checked in to tell us:

We, the merry men of HIM, will bring our socially dysfunctional selves to Sonisphere UK next summer. We are like a bad tasting but nutritious grandma biscuit you can dip into your inner worlds. It’ll be fun and possibly out of control, you’ll see. There will be smoke, lights and psychedelia. Sweat and zealotry. Men will cry. It’s going to be a FUCKING EMOTIONADO!

This may be the last opportunity to see HIM in the UK before they start work on their next album, don’t miss the chance to see hits such as “Buried Alive By Love”, “Funeral Of Hearts”, “Wicked Game” and “Wings Of A Butterfly”.
Also announced for Sonisphere:

Black Dogs
Comeback Kid
Empire Kill
Eureka Machines
Love Zombies
October File
Rival State
Straight Lines
Sweet Savage
The Bots
The Raven Age
The Wild Lies
Zico Chain

Tickets are on sale now. For more information visit sonisphere.co.uk