Heaven's Basement Interview

We had a chat with drummer Chris Rivers fresh off his bands tour with Theory Of A Deadman. Check out the interview below:

1. How was the tour and what was the highlight of it?

The tour was amazing! Highlights were the London, Amsterdam and Munich shows! All the guys and girls on the road were nice people so we’ve had a great time! We visited a lot of new countries for the first time too.

2. You were on a UK headline tour beginning of the year – how did that go?

Very well, we have a great fanbase building in the UK so it was really nice to see so many friendly faces! The last show in Oxford was the highlight.

3. You’ve got a temporary vocalist – Johnny Fallen, how is he finding the role?

Johnny Fallen is a fucking legend – he’s done a fantastic job for us. There aren’t many people that would have had the balls to step into a band a week or 2 before a headline tour without knowing our songs, but he did.

4. You’ve got auditions coming up for a new lead vocalist – could you tell us a little bit about it?

We’re holding auditions for the full time guy later this month. The inital audition will be to find out who can sing and who can’t! After that we’ll invite the best ones back to work with them more until we feel comfortable with someone. Anyone who’s interested in auditioning should contact us asap.

5. What is the best gig you’ve played?

That’s a tough question! I would say Shinedown in Portsmouth, Lingen (a town near Denmark) with D.A.D and our headline show at the Camden Underworld in December 09.

6. What is your favourite / least favourite venue to play in?

My favourite has to be the Manchester Academy 1. Least favourite are a lot of london venues as the door staff and venue security tend to be fucking knob heads.

7. Bands all have their own unique song writing process, what is yours?

We all tend to work together on song writting. We’ll get in a room together, jam and see what comes out.

8. On the subject of songs, what is your favourite song to play?

We’ve been starting our set with a new song called Unbreakable, I really enjoy playing that.

9. Musically, who are your influences?

Rammstein to Bjork! Slayer to Oasis. We all listen to lots of music, obviously rock is a massive part of it but we’re quite open minded.

10. In all the years you’ve been playing – what is the craziest thing you’ve seen a fan do to you or is there anything you’ve seen which particularly stands out?

I have lots of great memories that grow after every tour we do! Sometimes it’s best just to be there and see stuff first hand! We have some amazing fans that are very kind to us –  it’s always flattering when people get Heaven’s Basement tattoos or lyrics tattooed.

11. What advice would you give to people in a band or thinking of starting one?

I would say one of the main things is making sure all the members of the band are tuned in on the same wavelengh with goals and where they see the band going. It’s good to have an action plan. Set goals to reach within a time frame. Aside from that the most important thing is good hard work, putting in the miles on the road etc.

12. Finally what is the future for Heaven’s Basement?

Obviously we’ll be sorting the singer situation then hitting all the Summer festivals, hopefully we’ll get an album done by the end of the year.

For more information on Heaven’s Basement check out their official website and MySpace.