Heaven’s Basement Interview

We caught up with Rob from Heaven’s Basement. Check out the interview below:


The Black Veil Brides UK tour starts on Saturday. Which city/venue are you most looking forward to playing and why?

I can’t wait to play The Roundhouse in Camden just because of all the legendary bands that played there back in the day! Everyone from Zeppelin, The Stones, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors played their only UK show there in 1968!

What have the European dates been like? What were the highlights?

Every show we’ve done so far has been insane! We got to play Poland for the first time and that was incredible, They’re really passionate about music over there! Munich was also a lot of fun, it was our sound guys birthday so we made sure we had a lot of beer steins that night!

What are the best and worst parts of touring?

The best part of touring is getting to travel the world with your best mates, playing on stage every night and of course being given a free supply of booze! The worst part is when someone steals your socks during a mass laundry day! Haha.

What has the response to ‘Filthy Empire’ been like so far?

All the feedback to the album has been positive. It’s a weird thing writing a debut album cause you don’t really have an existing audience, we just made the kind of album that we’d listen to. We grew up on debut albums like Appetite For Destruction and Rage Against The Machine so that was the benchmark for us! Something that had immediate impact and was dripping in character!

What was the recording process like?

It was fast and chaotic but in a great way! We recorded the whole album in just eight days cause then we had to get back to England to play Download Festival! That was good though cause it meant we didn’t over-think it, we just went on our instincts and tried to capture our energy as much as possible.

You’ve had a very busy 2013. What have been your favourite shows and why?

Playing the second stage at Download Festival to 20,000 was pretty mental! We were on at noon so we had no idea what to expect but we went on to a sea of people and it didn’t actually rain during our set! Haha. Touring America and playing festivals there for the first time was unforgettable as well as it’s something you only dream of as a kid!

What are your plans for early 2014?

We’re going to Australia for the first time in February to play Soundwave Festival which just sounds like one massive party! After that we set out on our first ever European headline tour in March and April with Glamour of the Kill and The Dirty Youth and we plan to destroy every venue every night!!

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