LIVE: Good Charlotte – 27/07/10 – Koko, London

This is Good Charlotte’s first UK show since 2008, a one-off London date which sold out rapidly. In wake of the mixed reviews that their 2007 album Good Morning Revival received; tonight the air is tinged with a mixture of nerves and anticipation.

While support Canterbury play well and please the crowd, it is apparent that everyone is here to see Good Charlotte. Opener “The Anthem” immediately grabs everyone’s attention and it quickly becomes apparent that the band has lost none of their hold over the audience. The Madden brothers as front men are a force to be reckoned with and as they thank the audience for showing up, it is plain to see that their fan base they’ve worked so hard to build is equally as strong as it was two years ago. While there are some signs of the band being out of practice, Joel mixing up the words to “The River” for example, the band hold it together; showing they remain a tight unit.

As they storm through their back catalogue they mainly choose to stick to their early albums, steering clear of their last outing and nominating to only play the singles. “Thanks for sticking with us through our electro phase” Joel laughs, dismissing their last outing before diving into their new single, a future anthem which they openly admit is about Benji’s ex-girlfriend, Paris Hilton. The song instantly has a sense of familiarity and has everyone singing it back in no time.

Everything about tonight’s show has a sense of familiarity, from their re-use of their original logo to the medley of songs from their first album yet this isn’t an attempt at going back to basics – this is a departure. It seems the band have come full circle and have finally reached a sound they feel comfortable with. Closing with an encore which includes a rousing cover of Blink-182’s “Dammit”; the crowd are left knowing that in Good Charlotte’s world, things are looking up.

New album Cardiology is out September.

Set List

1. The Anthem
2. Walk Away (Maybe)
3. My Bloody Valentine
4. Girls & Boys
5. Chronicles of Life and Death
6. Keep Your Hands Off Of My Girl
7. Predictable
8. New Single
9. Little Things/ Festival Song
10. East Coast Anthem
11. Hold On
12. The River
13. I Don’t Wanna Be In Love
14. I Just Wanna Live
15. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous


1. Story of my Old Man
2. Dammit
3. Riot Girl
4. Young and the Hopeless.