From Ashes To New Interview

We’re loving Pennsylvania’s From Ashes To New at the moment. As soon as we heard and saw the band’s  video for ‘Through It All’, we knew we had to speak to the band before the release of their debut album “Day One”. A few weeks ago we caught up with vocalist Chris Musser. Check out our chat below.


How was the tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Papa Roach?

Touring with all those great band was an amazing experience. The crowds were very welcoming and responsive, very good interaction. Seeing those bands kill it on stage every night is just a great lesson on how to be a rockstar and how to give it your all on stage night in and night out.

What were the stand out dates on that run of shows?

That whole tour was amazing so it’s very hard to pick out stand out dates but I would have to say one that sticks out to me was the Soaring Eagle Casino in Michigan because that was the most people I have ever played in front of. They said it was 10 or 11 thousand people – it was an adrenaline rush to look out and see a sea of people!

Tell us about the recording process for ‘Day One’

Well all our songs usually start off with Matt and Branden in the beginning. They create a riff or just a starting point and they structure the music around that.  As they get sections of the song done, Matt and I write the lyrics. We always start with the chorus first and move on to the verses. Once we get to the studio, that’s when everybody puts in their two cents and adds their flavour to each song.

What tracks should fans be most excited about?

ALL OF THEM!!! Hahaha. Well I can tell you the two that I am excited for them to hear. We are going to start throwing into out set here on our west coast headlining tour, starting February 3rd in Scottsdale Arizona, a song called ‘Farther From Home’ and ‘Breaking Now’.

You’re from Pennsylvania – what’s the local music scene like? Are there any bands we should be checking out?

Well I have been keeping pretty busy and haven’t really been following the local music scene back home. We have spent most of our time touring the west coast lately. Its been a while since we actually played near our home town. When I go home in between tours I just try to catch up with friends and family. When on tour I get to see bands every night so I haven’t really had chance to go out to shows when I’ve been home.

Can we expect a FATN UK Tour in 2016?

We have a lot of plans for 2016, We are heading to Japan in a few days, then our west coast headliner starts on the 3rd February. On February 11th, we play Radio Contraband with Killswitch Engage, Romantic Rebel, First Decree and Stitched Up Heart. On March 4th we head out on tour with Atreyu. In April we play Earth Day Birthday and we’re also playing Carolina Rebellion and Welcome to Rockville. There is a lot of other big things happening this year but nothing i can talk about just yet, sorry!