Free Download: Wax On Water – “Chelsea Fuck”

Drawing from Electronica and Industrial sounds, mixed together with layers of strings, piano and intense guitars, Maya Fire of Wax on Water terms her sound as “Electro-Grunge.” Hailing from Camden, London, the lead singer and main songwriter cites her inspirations as a blend of classic songwriters, experimental artists and the visceral sounds of Industrial and Heavy Metal.

To tease the fans, Wax on Water are offering album track ‘Chelsea Fuck’ as a free download right now.  ‘Chelsea Fuck’ is a searing commentary about the decline and self-realisation of a Londoner: “The Kings Road –home to Punk in the 70s, New Romantics in the 80s and faceless chainstores and people thereafter.  That road is a symbol of the ongoing homogenisation and erosion of self-expression in our culture.  It felt like the appropriate backdrop for describing a character coming to terms with the notion that his spiritually bereft existence is a by-product of everything he has surrounded himself with.” Explains Maya.

The debut single from Wax on Water will be ‘An Army’ – a raw slice of grunge, infused with a ‘fuck-you’ backbone of bass and beats that draws as much from Dub as it does from Metal.  The video is set to turn heads as it’s been made under the guidance of top Art Director Richie Burridge and acclaimed Video Director/Producer Phil Tidy (The Prodigy, The Rapture, Lily Allen, Editors and Blood Red Shoes).

With the debut single, album and a tour planned for 2011, it sounds like something big is coming…It Sounds Like An Army…Are You In?

Click here to download ‘Chelsea Fuck’