Framing Hanley Interview

1. A Promise To Burn has been out for a year. What has the reception been like and have you been happy with it?

It’s been awesome. People seem to like it.

2. How is writing coming along for album number 3?

We have been super busy, but we are always writing and hoping to go into the studio sometime in the fall.

3. You are playing the Slam Dunk Festival this weekend. Does your set differ when playing festivals?

At festivals such as this you have consider that every band is bringing their A game, so you have to do a set thats keeps the game alive.

4. Apart from Slam Dunk, what other festivals are you playing, and which one are you most looking forward to playing?

Download is the big one, Nova Rock, and Rock am ring, as well as greenfield in Switzerland.

5. You hit the UK in the next couple of days, what have you got planned for the UK crowds?

We are putting together our best set yet. This is our last trip here for 2011 so we want to make sure people have a great time.

6. How do the UK crowds differ from the North American crowds?

UK crowds actually know whats up and they always come to party.

7. What is your favourite town to play in the UK and why?

London, because its a place we always dreamed of coming to and now we get to check out the royal wedding, when is that?

8. Have there been any crazy fan stories/experiences that you are willing to tell us about?

We plead the 5th.

9. Finally, what is next for you guys?

Norwich and back on the headlining run with My passion and Headstart supporting.