Euphoria Audio Interview

I caught up with guitarist Ben Lloyd and drummer Danny Wood of up-and-coming band Euphoria Audio. Ben and Danny talk about their soon to be released CD, their time in Norway and the bands future plans amongst other things.

SB: What is the origin of the band name?

BL: Names such as Bon Jovi and Def Leppard are iconic. A lot of bands nowadays are “The” something. Bands that come with “The” tend to be indie, which we aren’t. I wanted a band, so that when you hear “Euphoria Audio”, you know it’s about the music, and does not fall into that genre.

DW: I like the Euphoria thing. It invokes a feeling straight away. When you hear that, feeling Euphoric is the best feeling. It’s a positive thing we want to portray for our band. It works well.

SB: Could you tell us how you got the £25,000 sponsorship deal with Tesco digital?

BL: We uploaded a video of ourselves on the internet and people voted for us. The prize was a Tesco digital sponsorship which has worked really well. It’s a good positive push to where we’re trying to go.

DW: To get noticed in the industry you need good recordings. Getting the £25,000 has meant that we can travel. We went to Norway and worked with producers, “D-sign”; they have strong ties with Universal and have written songs for Kylie. If we didn’t have the money, we wouldn’t have been able to go over there and meet and work with them. It’s helped massively.

BL: The people we worked with were amazing. We’ve all had vocal coaching. My coach Stevie Lange has worked with Joe Elliot, Bryan Adams and Robbie Williams. The team behind us and the experience was brilliant. The money helped us do that. It’s opened a lot of doors.

SB: Where have you performed and have you got any shows coming up?

BL: The past year, we’ve been to London – we’ve never been until this year. We played Nottingham a couple of weeks ago and are going back to Camden next month.

DW: We’ve played Asylum before

BL: We’ve got a gig on the 10th December at the Ringside on Beverley Road. We’ve played Nottingham Rock City. We are playing Manchester and Richmond University this December. My favourite place to play is The Hop in our hometown of Wakefield.

DW: It’s a good place. You can get a real good sound from it and a good vibe from everybody.

BL: The Hop and Barfly are good place to play. The one that I was shocked by was Nottingham Rock City. It’s quite good, but there were some things backstage that I didn’t like.

SB: What’s the future for Euphoria Audio?

BL: We’ve just done a CD. This will be released independently. It might go on iTunes.

DW: We’re going to get a photo shoot done with a top photographer. We’ve got a good friend doing artwork for us. We‘ll be shooting a music video and working with a company called Flynn productions. They did “The Pretender” video for the Foo Fighters.

BL: We’ve got a photo shoot and a video coming up. Our management is also pitching to labels. Hopefully 2010 will be the year for us.

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Euphoria Audio are playing The Ringside on Beverley Road in Hull on the 10th December.