Escapists Interview

We caught up with Escapists‘ Simon Glancy. Check out the interview below:

You hit the road this month, what can we expect from your tour?

We’re doing 7 dates. We’ll be doing Sheffield, Bristol, Southampton. In terms of the show, it’s going to be pretty intense. There’s going to be a lot of energy on stage.

Your EP has just come out. What has the reception been like and have you been happy with it?

Yeah, its gone down well in the press. They’ve let people know what we’re all about and whats to come from us really.

Have you got a favourite track from that EP?

Maybe “Northern Lights” – I had weird idea when I wrote that song. It was like writing a rock opera.

On that note, what is your writing process like?

It’s kind of random actually. It usually starts with guitar riff. It will then go to the other guys who will hack it apart and put it back together with their own little bits. Our bassist Max has a weird way of writing middle 8’s.

You’ve recently released a free download “Screams”, what has the response been like?

Yeah, the pick up on that has been amazing. Everyone’s getting into it and touting it about. It’s pretty cool. We recorded it in Leeds back in May. It was recorded and mixed in a day which was good for us. It’s a really punchy track.

Can you describe your sound in 3 words?

Melodic. Rhythmic. Heartbreak.

As a band where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

Toured the UK about 10 times. Hopefully played every single festival. Maybe gone to the states and further afield.

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