EP: The One Hundred – “Subculture”

The-One-Hundred-Subculture-600x600I was recently introduced to The One Hundred. They’re one of those bands which can’t be assigned to a single genre. If you haven’t heard them before, they’re a mix of rap, rock, grime and metalcore. I’ve just listened to the band’s debut EP, and to sum it up in one word, it’s AMAZING. Titled “Subculture”, this EP demonstrates how flawlessly different genres fuse to create a very unique sound. I’m kicking myself I didn’t see them play Sonisphere back in July.

If you’ve been following the band you would of heard ‘Breed’ and ‘Kingsmen’‘Breed’ was the first track to be released by the band – It’s a solid introduction to The One Hundred sound. It’s the perfect mix of grime, metal and rap influenced vocals. ‘Kingsmen’ has more of an electronic R&B flavour to it, but has those sweet metalcore/screamo notes rooted throughout the track. You can’t help but bang your head to this one.

The One Hundred

The One Hundred

‘Unleashed’ is my favourite track on “Subculture”. It’s a very digestible 3 minutes and 42 seconds, full of electronic and metalcore tones. What sets this track apart is the drums and synth. These two elements piece the song together. ‘Downfall’ is the last track on the release. I sensed a Pendulum-esque vibe to this track; especially with the electronics and the clean vocals echoing throughout the song.

Overall “Subculture”  is an excellent introduction to The One Hundred sound. It tells us what they’re all about and shows how effortlessly they combine so many musical genres.

“Subculture” is out on Monday (1st September). Pre-order it NOW.