EP: Sirens – “Resistant To Change, Destined To Fail”

sirensresistanttochangeIt’s been over a year but Sirens are back with their brand new EP, “Resistant To Change, Destined To Fail”This mini-album is possibly the best Sirens release to date. The first song ‘Notches’ gives you a taste of what’s to come. It’s a tight sounding track that you can’t help but bang your head to.

 ‘No Nature Of Mine’ is the perfect build up for the band’s new single ‘Creature’. The best way to describe this track is heavy but melodic. Next up is ‘The Void’ – this is my favourite track on the release. It just shows how good the band are musically. There are no vocals, but the technicality involved is something that needs to be admired- a powerful instrumental track.

‘True Colours’ is again very melodic. As the title suggests, this song tells us what Sirens are all about. ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Bridge To Burden’ close the EP. It’s a great way to close the release – the tracks are riff heavy and fast paced. The band sound flawless and every note sounds pitch perfect. Overall a very enjoyable EP – Check it out now!