EP: Mind Museum – “One Blood”

OneBlood-EP_ScreenRes-600x600We love new bands at here at Amplified. We were recently introduced to Bristol-based 3 piece Mind Museum.

The band cite Biffy Clyro, Coheed and Cambria, The Cure and Placebo as their influences – it really shines through on their new EP “One Blood”. The first track introduces us to the Mind Museum sound. Titled ‘The Get Go’, you can’t help but bang your head. The vocals, guitars and drums merge effortlessly to create an epic rocky but melodic sound. You can definitely hear Simon Neil/Biffy Clyro vibes in this song- a smashing fast paced opener.

The next tracks are ‘One Blood’ and ‘Wake Up’. I didn’t feel these were as strong as the opener but they are still very good songs.

‘Lie To Me’ shakes the EP up with a soft and mellow introduction. This adds some padding to a very rocky and hard hitting release. This works very well and breaks the EP up. ‘All The Kings Men’ closes the EP. It’s as good as ‘The Get Go’. The palm muting of the guitar at the beginning sounds awesome and dynamically sets the song apart.

Overall, a solid sounding EP. I look forward to hearing more from Mind Museum in the future.