EP: Empire – “Where The World Begins”

empire_1381161113Empire’s latest offering kicks off with ‘Black Hearts’. Its a great opener – Very guitar and bass heavy. It gives a feel of what the EP has to offer. It’s the first opportunity to showcase how well Joe Green’s vocals compliment the instrumentals, and the first chance to hear how distinct and unique his voice is. The following 2 tracks build on the first – showcasing more of the band’s melodic and larger than life sound, but it’s the fast paced, riff heavy and non-stop ‘Friendly Fools’ which takes this release to the next level. ‘My Colour Optimistic’ adds contrast with it’s Pop Punk sound. EP Closer  ‘Wish, Wish, Wish’ isn’t as heavy as the rest of the tracks, but highlights how well the band know their instruments (evident with the impressive drumming) and how responsive Green’s vocals are.

Overall Where the World Begins is a very good EP. It’s got a very unique sounds which is hard to relate or compare to other bands on the scene. The instrumentals and vocals on this release are perfect – I would love to see how the tracks go down in a live environment.

Where the World Begins is out now.