EC3 Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s EC3 to chat about the recent UK Tour, his undefeated streak and loads more. Check out the interview below.


The UK Tour was a huge success. How did you find it?

The UK has a very special place in the heart of TNA. All the roster and all the people in the company love it so much – the UK adopts us as their own. The fans motivate and drive us as performers to do better. It’s a great relationship and a lot of fun. I don’t see why the fans booed me the whole time and why people threw beers at me, but you know, the fact they did that, I can respect it.

You’re in a feud with Rockstar Spud at the moment, building up to the big Hair vs Hair match at Wembley. What was it like working with him?

Working with Rockstar Spud has been incredible. We have a similar mind set about the business and the industry. Being paired together from my initial start in the company has been great and deep rooted friendship has emerged from it. Unfortunately not all friendships can last, as seen with the Hair vs Hair match. I can tell you that this match will have emotion. We put a lot of time and effort into this to make it something special. The fans in London helped make it something special. It was an opportunity for two guys who have tried for a very long time to be put on a major stage and have been given the opportunity to get recognition.

You’ve had quite the undefeated streak in TNA. Who’s been your favourite opponent to go up against?

I really enjoyed the program with Bully Ray. I thoroughly enjoyed going into New York City – the city that put hardcore wrestling on the map and guys like Bully, Tommy Dreamer, Devon. These guys are the originators of that sort of style. It was great working with Bully. It was great to prevail in that environment – It was a lot of fun.

What’s it like to get in the ring with the likes of Sting, Kurt Angle, Bully Ray etc? Does it feel like a dream come true?

A while ago I would of said it’s a dream come true. When you’re in the moment, it’s your job, it’s your profession, it’s your business and just being there is an incredible honour. The dream did come true but in the ring, you’re in the moment, you’re focussed on the task at hand and that’s entertaining millions of people behind that red light.

What have been some your favourite matches in TNA so far?

The match with Rockstar Spud is definitely my favourite match. It had nothing to do with a technical wrestling standpoint. It was the match, the build, the atmosphere and the emotion it contained. I wrestled that match with one arm. I wouldn’t of missed that match for the world. It’s definitely one of my favourites. Also the Texas Death Match with Bully Ray at Slammiversary is one of my favourites – just because of the opportunity to go in there with a name like Bully Ray and have a long sustained pay per view match.

You wrestled in Japan for the Bound For Glory Pay Per View. What’s it like wrestling in Japan? What are the fans like?

Wrestling in Japan is awesome. I’d love to go back. I’ve been there twice now. The fans are respectful of the sport aspect of it which is cool. They want to see a lot of the TV aspect as well. They enjoy the entertainment as much as a UK or American audience would. It was cool and fun to see the audience interaction. It was different – I loved it.

What are your favourite cities to wrestle in?

New York, Philadelphia, London, Glasgow, Japan and Cleveland, Ohio – just a few.

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