DripBack Interview

We caught up with Luca of London-based metal band, DripBack. Check out the interview below.


Your EP, ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ has just came out, who were your main influences when putting together the CD?

Terrorizer, Agnostic Front and Slayer. That’s pretty much it really.

How did you got about recording the EP, and what is your song writing process like?

To record the CD, we ended up doing demos with rehearsal tapes and putting riffs together. We all write the riffs. We did the demos, and then took it up to our mate in Northampton, Russ Russell and just banged them out. We recorded the drums first then put the guitars down.

With the writing process, we usually come up with a hundred ideas and end up using only a couple of them.

Do you usually come up with the lyrics or the music first?

With us, it’s usually the riffs first, but there have been times when we’ve come up with a good chorus-lyric bit first, and then put the riff to it afterwards.

This weekend, you’re playing the Download Festival. What does it feel like to be playing?

I’m really excited. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain too much – we’re camping! We’re hoping the weather stays nice. It’s a real big honour. I was lucky enough to do it with my other band back in 2008. We played the Gibson stage and it was fucking blinding. It was real good.

You’re playing the Red Bull stage. For festival goers that haven’t heard of you before, what can they expect from your set?

They can expect Slayer style hardcore, high pitched vocals and head banging riffs that will make you want to move about. They shouldn’t be bored if they’re listening to us. Expect some brutal hardcore thrash metal. We’re really lucky to be playing this year.

On that point, how did you go about getting the festival slot?

We just pestered the people that are promoting the festival.  We pestered and pestered until they finally gave in.

Which other bands are you looking forward to seeing over the weekend?

I’m looking forward to seeing Down, Biohazard and TRC. That’s about it, to be honest for me personally.

What do you think the current state of the UK metal scene is?

I’m not sure.  Calling a band like us, metal,  I always think we’re not metal. You get festivals like Bloodstock, that are metal. The people that go there are fucking metal. They wear all black. They love swords and shit. I don’t want to alienate people by saying we don’t give a fuck about metal, we just want to make a racket. The state of the metal scene for new bands is a fucking nightmare. In the mid-late 90’s, when we were 15/16 and first started being in bands, there was more of a scene. There were places in Kings Cross that people would go to every week, just to watch new bands. It was cool and a stepping stone for bands. Now, there are not many places that put on gigs. It’s a nightmare for new bands unless they know the right people and can sneak their way in.

What would be your dream festival line-up? This can include bands past or present.

There would definitely be a death metal stage.  Suffocation would be headlining. Napalm Death would be there, The Doors, The Specials, Duran Duran, Slayer, Soilent Green, Alice in Chains and DripBack. You know this year’s Bloodstock isn’t far off.

Apart from Download, have you got any other gigs coming up?

Not at the moment, we’re working on getting another tour at the moment.  We are going to do a few one–off gigs in London.

Finally, have you got a message for the UK heavy metal fans?

Check us out, you might be surprised! Stay true to metal. Keep your swords nice and sharp just in case you need to slay down any goblins.

DripBack are playing the Red Bull stage this Saturday at 11.45. Be sure to check them out. We will be!

For more information on DripBack, check them out on Facebook and their official website.