Drew Galloway Interview

We caught up with Impact Wrestling‘s Drew Galloway. Check out the interview below.

Impact Wrestling's Drew Galloway

Impact Wrestling’s Drew Galloway

How has your day been?

Pretty much interview after interview. We stopped and did a photoshoot at one point. The photographer informed me that the location was the same place Nicole Scherzinger did a photo shoot. An old lady said to me, “You don’t have to be shy son”. I was like, “You’re making me blush”, then I made a joke and said “Wait until I take my pants off”. I’ve lived in America so long that I forgot it means underwear here. I meant trousers. I horrified a little old lady, so that was the most exciting part of the day. I’ve done a lot of interviews. My motto is if I’m not doing something to do with wrestling, I’m not being productive. I want to be productive like I’m doing right now.

You debuted at the Glasgow Impact Wrestling television taping back in January. What was it like debuting in your home country?

It was unbelievable. I never imagined being on American television so soon. I didn’t want to be. I was in Glasgow for one show before the tour. They called me and I ignored the calls. I didn’t know anyone from Tennessee. Tommy Dreamer texts me, and says you might want to answer the call, it’s TNA. I told them I’m not looking to be on American television right now. They told me their plans for the company and their plans for myself. I went away and had a think about it and said ok it’s a great idea to bring me in. Glasgow was the most logical place for me to debut. I snuck into the building, signed the contract hours before I hit the ring and saved Grado from The BDC.

Have you got any highlights from your time in TNA so far?

I think the big thing is the #StandUp social media campaign we’ve had going. I took over the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds for three days. The response was astronomical. It’s not a wrestling character, it’s not Drew Galloway, it’s just how I feel. I gave my opinion. Fans were very receptive to that and they had the opportunity to speak. I was very hands-on with it. Everything I do, I make sure I’m listening and everybody knows it’s coming from me. I’ve been very hands-on with everything.

What are you currently up to in TNA?

I’m feuding with The BDC, a group of guys that keep beating me down. I formed a little group of my own called The Rising with Eli Drake, who was part of WWE’s NXT. He’s been on the independent scene for a while, he’s a stand up comedian, does improv etc. He’s a talented and confident young man that loves wrestling. It’s the biggest thing that stood out for me. Mica, I’ve known since I was 22. He was born in the business, made for the business and is getting his chance to shine in The Rising. I’m very proud to be aligned with these guys. We’ve been referred to as the reverse NWO. We’re going to be the OWN.

You were in the WWE for a few years. What was it like over there?

Awesome. I grew up wanting to be a wrestler. I was 15 when I started, signed when I was 21. I debuted on television three weeks after I got there. I was right in the thick of things. JBL was making his comeback, I was learning from all the guys from the second I got there. I was getting all these opportunities, you know being Vince McMahon’s Chosen One, winning the intercontinental championship, tag team championship, competing at multiple WrestleMania’s, there’s been so many highlights; wrestling sold old Scotland shows, doing promo’s with my parents. All these moments shaped me to the wrestler I am today.

What’s it like to work a WrestleMania?

Amazing. It was my dream. My first, was WrestleMania 26 where I was doing the Chosen One thing. I was like a Scottish Terminator when I walked out. I couldn’t react. In my head I was screaming violently. It was just unbelievable. I just had to keep looking straight ahead. I couldn’t look around me – there were so many people. I did another WrestleMania where I was on Team Laurinaitis against Team Teddy Long. I walked out and I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t have a particular character at the time, I was just Drew. I came out and burst out laughing, it was so ridiculous how many people were there. I literally just burst out laughing, I couldn’t believe I was wrestling at WrestleMania. I’m looking around and I can’t see the back of the arena. There’s so many people!

Let’s say you’re booking your own Pay-per-view. What matches would you put on? The matches can include wrestlers past and present and you have to give the show a name and location.

I’ll call it Big Drew’s Wrestling Bash and it will take place at Wembley Stadium.


I’d love to see Dynamite Kid vs Shawn Michaels.

The Wolves vs The Hardys vs The Dudleys vs The Rockers (Young Shawn Michaels) in a gimmick match, a TLC match but named different. I’ll come up with a name later.

Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect because they’re always awesome.

Marco Mero vs me.

A triple threat, Aries vs one Young Buck vs the other Young Buck vs Low Ki –we’ll do that as a four way (with a Bobby Roode run in).

Stone Cold vs Brock Lesnar to close the show.