Devil Sold His Soul to give away new track

Devil Sold His Soul have just announced that the release of their brand new single ‘Time’, will be given away for free from the bands website starting tomorrow (October 1st).

Time - Devil Sold His Soul

 This will be the first ever, new material featuring new vocalist Paul Green (The Arusha Accord), and as he explains, what it all means to him, and the band:

 We’re stoked to be releasing this new track ‘Time’, the first with me as singer. The past 6 months have been some of the toughest times for DSHS with Ed leaving and adjusting to all that came with it. This new song is all about taking those hard times and remaining positive, moving forward.

Joining DSHS earlier this year my life was pretty turbulent, I was in and out of hospital most nights visiting a dying relative as well as trying to learn the set for our French & German tours. ‘Time’ represents these months for me. As tough as it’s been, I feel that as a band have managed to channel all the hard times into something truly positive. Something we’re all extremely proud of.