Catch up with Euphoria Audio

Euphoria Audio - PHOTO: KC Morse, A&R Worldwide.

A few weeks ago we spoke with Ben Lloyd – guitarist from Wakefield rock band, Euphoria Audio. Check out the interview below.

You’ve been away putting together a new album. How has it been?

It’s been really good. It’s been very interesting and exciting. We’ve done a lot of work with Brandon (Friesen) over the past couple of weeks. There have been a lot of long days. We’re putting in the hours and recording some great music that we are really excited about.

You were in Los Angeles earlier this year. What were you up to?

We did Musexpo again. We showcased there. The second time we went, we recorded. We started recording the album last November. We’ve finished up in October this year. It’s pretty cool – Half the album was recorded in LA and half in England, so you get that nice charm of Britain in the music, but you also get that anthemic American rock sound. We’re getting quite known for that now and it’s great!

Does the sound of the album differ to the EP you released a few years ago?

Definitely. The past six months alone we’ve developed and grown as a band. We’re really proud of the music we’ve made and really excited for everyone to hear it.

You’ve developed quite a large following on Twitter. Do you think it’s helped? 

We’ve got incredible fans on Twitter. The support that we get globally is amazing. We’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by what everyone’s being saying. It’s really helped us as a band. It’s made us feel very positive about stepping forward. It’s great to have that support. We encourage people to go on Twitter and follow us and get them chatting to our community. It is a big community.  It’s like a family – It’s amazing!

How did the Musexpo showcase go and has there been any more interest from labels?

The showcase was amazing. We got some amazing feedback and learnt a lot.

There are always trickles of interest, but we’re really focussing on getting the album done and seeing in 2012 with touring and seeing where it all goes from then.

How do you think fans will react to your new songs? And do you think the sound follows on from the EP?

The sound from our last EP follows on nicely to go with the new album.  There are certain songs for certain areas – you’ve got your rocky songs, upbeat songs, ballads – it’s a really nice collection of tracks that we’re really proud of. The songs that we did before aren’t different from what we’re doing now – they’re just a different area. We’ve had fantastic support with the demos that we put on Facebook and we can’t wait for people to hear the real deal. Hopefully people are as excited for it as we are.

Is there a release date?

Not yet, but we’re looking at a summer release.

Apart from the album and touring, what’s next for you guys?

Next for us, is to clinch a record deal and just build from there. We’re going to keep building the fan base and see how big that can go. We’ve already started writing songs for what could be album number 2. We’re always inspired and excited to see how far we can take everything.

For more information on Euphoria Audio check them out on Facebook.