Catch up with Donny B

Don Broco are one of our favourite bands here at Amplified. We recently caught up with drummer Matt Donnelly after their epic tour with rock legends Four Year Strong.

Don Broco: Matt Donnelly

1. How was the tour with Four Year Strong?

Absolutely amazing. When we first heard that we’d got the tour we were quite rightly thrilled being huge FYS fans and it lived up to every expectation. We got the chance to play some amazing venues and made a whole bunch of new friends in the AL4Ws and FYS guys. Hopefully we picked up a few new fans along the way too 🙂

2. What were the highlights from the tour?

I think we’d all agree the main highlight would be the final night at Koko in London. It was an amazing feeling playing in front of a sold out audience at such an iconic venue where we’ve seen so many great shows ourselves. That definitely felt like a milestone for us as a band and the perfect way to kick-start 2012.

Outside of the shows themselves we got the chance to catch up with old friends who are dotted all around the country now. It’s always awesome to catch up with them all.

3. Which was your favourite show and why?

Haha sorry sort of jumped the gun there didn’t I…

4. You’ve got a new bass player. How is he finding the new role?

I think it’s fair to say he’s loving it. The great thing is that we’ve all been good friends since 2009 when we toured with his old band so he’s slotted in seamlessly in that sense. He’s also one of the most talented guys we know which doesn’t hurt at all.

5. How is the debut album coming along?

Great thanks! We’re actually just applying the final touches now. We’re at that ‘perfectionist stage’ where we obsess slightly over tiny details haha. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and we couldn’t be more excited with how it’s sounding.

6. Has an album name been decided?

Well, that would be telling! 🙂

7. Apart from the album release, what else have you got coming up?

Expect a busy year of touring from us. Can’t say too much at the moment but we will be out quite a lot including a run of headline dates around the album release. Then before we know it it’ll be festival season and we’re hoping for a repeat of last summer where we really got stuck in. Festivals must be our favorite time of the year, they really bring people together.