Canterbury Interview

Some of you already may be in the know about the UK band Canterbury and there’s good reason for that with the amount of touring and hard work these guys put in to getting out there. This band are very hard to put a label to, I have tried but failed as I hear so many different influences in their music. One thing is for sure, this band really know how to shift dynamics in their music and keep you wanting more.

The band consists of Luke (Vocals), Mike (Guitar and Vocals), James (Guitar), Ben (Bass) and Scott (Drums).

We caught up with Canterbury as they release their latest single ‘Gloria’ for FREE!! I have been a fan of this band for a while now and this track has been on my youtube favorites since it went online. The video is really something special with slow motion shots but yet still managing to capture so much energy and fun. This is one of those bands that you have to check out live too as they have such a great presence and passion for what they do.

Anyway here’s what they have to say about their latest single and why you should go see them!

1. So you guys have a new song out called ‘Gloria’ available for free download, what is the story behind the song?

It’s about two people who want to be together but don’t know wether they should be, but you can interpret it how you like.

2. You also have a music video for the song, it looks like you great fun during that shoot. How did it go for you guys and was it fun?

Yeah, it was loads of fun and it was very easy to do, for the slow mo effect we had to shoot it all with the track playing at double speed, it took us a few takes to get it right.

3. You have played with a lot of bands in the past, who’s has been your favourite to support?

We can’t pin it down to just one band! But most recently we went to Ireland with You Me At Six and had an awesome time playing some of our best shows to date! Notably also our first ever tour with We Are The Ocean back in 2008 was amazing as we experienced life on the road for the very first time and Billy Talent at the end of last year at the total other end of the spectrum playing huge venues to thousands of people each night was incredible!

4. Do you have a favourite venue or city to play?

Yes, we all have different ones as we’ve played so many! Dublin Olympia is epic and we always love the crowds in High Wycombe.

5. I hear you are currently working on new material, are you recording a new album or releasing anymore new tracks soon?

We’ve just been in the studio recording an EP for release later this year and have a load of material and we’re working on more tracks for the second album.

6. What is the vibe for your next EP and how does it differ from ‘Thank You’?

All the cliches are there, the heavy bits are heavier, the lighter bits are lighter and the groovy bits are groovier. It’s pretty sweet, we’re very pleased with it.

7. For new fans wanting to come see you play what should they expect from your live show?

An exciting an engeretic performance, people say we’re better live, maybe you should come and find out for yourself!

8. Do you have a good relationship with your fans?

Our fans are awesome! We try our best to get to know as many as possible, I think we’ve got a pretty good relationship with them yeah.

9. What’s next on the agenda for Canterbury?

A few festivals and the release of the EP which will be followed by a headline tour in the UK at the end of the Summer.

10. Finally do you have anything to say to your fans or new fans Reading this?

We love you, stay in touch, spread the word,, nice one.

So head over to WWW.CANTERBURYTHANKYOU.COM and download their album and their latest single now!