Bullet For My Valentine Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas from Bullet For My Valentine this afternoon. We chatted about the band’s soon to be released album, their success home and abroad, playing festivals and the British rock and metal scene.

Moose told Amplified that over the past year they have been concentrating on their latest album and thus why live performances have been rare. After a long and intense touring schedule in 2011 supporting ‘Fever’ it was time for the band to take a rest and put all their efforts into recording and writing ‘Temper Temper’ (released 11th February). Moose stated that the reception so far has been very mixed, with many fans disgruntled that they have abandoned their roots, despite the band feeling that the new album was a perfect balance between all past studio albums. We were told that the new album is much darker, and much more ‘powerful’ than past albums and that the band cannot wait to release the album to see the full reaction.

This February Bullet are playing Soundwave festival in Australia before heading out on a UK/European tour in March. Moose told us how he is looking forward to getting back on the road and playing more low key venues, stating that these are the types of venues he prefers playing. He said that it is great to be able to get the chance to get that close to the fans. When asked on future live gigs, Moose told Amplified that these string of dates are to get back into the rhythm and we can expect all the “bells and whistles” towards the end of the year.

Bullet For My Valentine have now sold 1,000,000 albums in the US and 3,000,000 albums worldwide, arguably making them the biggest metal band to ever come out of The Valleys. Moose shared with us that he feels the British rock and metal scene is more alive than ever and that themselves and Bring Me The Horizon have been able to fly the flag for the UK all over the world in the past few years. For him it was a strange feeling to grow up in a small welsh town and now to be playing huge venues in Australia and the US. The reception for Bullet on the 2011 Uproar Festival showed how popular the band were on the other side of the Atlantic. As a youngster Moose told us how he grew up listening to Metallica and now to be sharing a stage with them is very special. Their success in America has even led many fans to think that Bullet are in fact American. When the Americans question the band on their roots, they always answer Australia.

One aspect I wanted to know about was the festival circuit. Moose told us that festivals are very important to the band and act as a great vehicle to expose themselves to new fans. At last years Reading, Bullet stuck out like a sore thumb on the bill, but Moose said that they were the opposite to nervous and thrived on the chance to get in the face of new fans, which he felt went very well.

We spoke about the British scene and how important it is to keep the atmosphere buzzing. Moose told us that he expects big things from his label mates in While She Sleeps and says we should keep an eye on The Smoking Hearts.

Bullet For My Valentine’s album comes out today, and if the latest released tracks are anything to go by, we should all be very excited.