Amplified Spotlight: Y Luv

Check out California based group Y Luv. Consisting of Freddy, Sam, Marcello, Evan and Luke, the band met at LA’s USC and last year and released their debut EP How Chill Can You Let Go very successfully for free via their Bandcamp page. The quartet sat atop the Hype Machine chart with Gazzo remix of their track Never Touch The Ground and look set to build on this success with the upcoming release of theirsecond EP It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense. If these genre-hopping electro-pop mavericks are new to you, recent single Keep It Rollin is a marvellous starting point. A track initially inspired by a YouTube clip of a manic chef, this will hit you as a general party track about kicking back and having a good time, but delve into the layers of sound and there is something special happening. Building slowly at first, the track develops into a lesson in anthemic pop rock with Freddy’s soaring distinctive vocal adding to the track’s sense of euphoria. Comparisons have can certainly be drawn to the likes of Temper Trap, but a listen to All Night leave you convinced that this up and coming band have more than enough eclectic influences to justify a place on your playlist. It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense drops this summer. Get to know them before your friends do.

Check out “Keep It Rollin” and “All Night” below:

For more information on Y Luv, check them out on Facebook: