Alien Ant Farm Interview

Alien Ant Farm make their long awaited return to the UK this week. In anticipation of their huge tour with Hoobastank and P.O.D., we caught up with guitarist Terry Corso. Check out the interview below:


Tell us about the writing and recording process for “Always And Forever”

Well, some of the music began with guitar riffs and bass lines that I had lying around from way back when I wasn’t in the band. Mike and Dryden had some unused ideas as well. These worked as some great starting points and we all came together on building them into some strong Ant Farm style songs. That really motivated and inspired us to get the song writing ball rolling. We ended up with a tonne of demos on our own and then we decided to step into some co-writing situations with some urban/hip-hop style producers to see where else our ideas could go. This was totally new and different for us but the end result was some really strong tracks that were outside of our box in a really good way. We ended up with almost 50 demos going into production. We essentially have another AAF records worth of ideas and material.

The album was funded by fans through Pledge Music. How did you find the process?

Pledge was already beginning to gain popularity with a lot of other acts when our manager at the time suggested it. It seemed like a fresher and more respectful way to do the crowdfunding thing to us because we were offering unique items and services in exchange for fan contribution. It helped us tremendously but I’ll admit it turned into a bit of a mess due to problems and delays we experienced from our record label and some personal issues. The best part was the concept of fans being directly involved in the production and release of “Always And Forever”. We listed all pledgers on the special thanks area of the CD sleeve.

What is your favourite track from the album and why?

It honestly changes a lot. I think I gravitate towards ‘Yellow Pages’ because of it’s uptempo, punk rock feel and it’s fun to play live. I think I really like songs like ‘American Pie’ or ‘Burning’ because they feel and sound like well rounded songs overall.

You return to the UK this week. What cities are you most looking forward to playing and why?

As easy and obvious as it is to say London, it really is one of my favorite cities to visit. It’s always given me that home away from home feeling and I have made several lifelong friends there that I love to see when I can. I think all of the shows are gonna be incredible because I know English fans are the craziest.

What have been your favourite headline and support tours to date?

Touring with Papa Roach was always the best because we pretty much grew up together as young unsigned bands and I think there is an unbreakable bond there. One of my favourite headliner shows would be when we sold out Brixton Academy back in the day. That was an impressionable experience for sure.

Festival season is fast approaching. Do you have a favourite festival to play? Have you got any UK festival appearances coming up?

We’ve definitely done some of the coolest festivals throughout the UK and Europe. From Reading to Sonisphere to Rock Am Ring. The open air festival was born over there so it’s interesting to watch American open airs become so popular state side. Most Americans don’t realize how long it’s been going on in the UK and Europe. Hopefully after this upcoming tour we will see some festival opportunities begin to open up. I’d love to play Download.

If you could collaborate with any artist/band living or dead, who would it be and why?

That’s tough to narrow down. I’m so all over the place that I wanna try anything with anyone. I wish that I could’ve just sat in the same room and listened to Ibrahim Ferrer sing with that beautiful voice of his. I’m sure that would have inspired me for a lifetime.